How to Travel Like a Boss Babe

Hi everyone!! If you already follow me on Instagram you know how much I love to travel! I typically travel (around and outside of the country) about five times a year! Of course, as you can imagine, coronavirus did slow me down a little in 2020!

My father is from Puerto Rico so I definitely have a heart for the Caribbean! You can typically find me in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, or my all-time favorite place the Dominican Republic. I first traveled there in 2010 and instantly fell in love. The music, the culture, the food, the people!

I do a lot of booking by myself online with Expedia, however, when I travel in a group or to a resort I have a trusted travel agent that I love and absolutely recommend: Nancy Newhard at Luxury Travel (610-395-8208).

What I Currently Know About Traveling During Covid

Passport services are delayed. Don’t expect fast shipping or expedited service right now.

Delta and Southwest the only two airlines still keeping the middle seat open. The other airlines, including my favorite United, are currently not blocking out the middle seats.

You must wear a face mask, not a shield. Without a mask that covers your nose and mouth, you cannot board the aircraft.

You will be temperature checked.

Some in-flight food and beverage services have been suspended. Some airlines will give you pre-packaged snacks. You can take your mask off briefly to eat but then you must put it right back on.

Some airlines will give you an alcohol wipe (please note, it’s tiny). I travel with my own alcohol wipe packs in my carry-on, as well as sanitizer.

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are currently under curfews and the beaches in Puerto Rico are closed.

Puerto Rico and Jamaica require recent negative CoVID test results to enter the country or upon entry of your hotel.

The Dominican Republic does random CoVID testing in the airport or you may bring a recent negative test report with you.

I traveled this year in March, right as the pandemic was actually becoming a thing and also again in September when it briefly looked like things were getting better.

Did I feel safe? Absolutely! I have seen more cleaning people now than I have in the past 10 years of travel! I also did wear gloves only through security checkpoints. It should be noted that I left this country and returned–both times–without incident.

I know I may sound a little crazy… But I oftentimes travel alone. I just love the freedom traveling alone gives.

Tips for traveling alone:

  • Be smart! And kind.
  • Research the area that you’ll be going to beforehand not when you arrive.
    Check websites, especially now, to see if businesses have reopened and what their new adjusted hours are. You can find a lot of this information on their Instagram pages! Also if you have a question that you can’t find the answer to about the business, most businesses will answer fairly quickly in their Instagram inbox!
  • Keep your money in separate areas. Like, don’t put all of your cash in one exact spot in your wallet. Heaven forbid something happens and you lose your wallet, you have backup cash stashed in another spot. Also if you’re a tipper (because I am a generous tipper) you don’t wanna continually open your wallet and have it bulging with money for all to see. Put some in an envelope somewhere else or in a makeup bag.
  • When searching for someone to take your picture employees of locations are always a great call or moms with small children. Usually, those moms are pretty skilled at getting good photos and the chances of them running off with your camera are pretty slim. 😉
  • Although I love designer handbags and do always travel with a few, I also travel with a crossbody bag (not designer) that I bought from Amazon that is loaded with pockets and compartments! Crossbodys are great when you are walking around exploring city streets.
  • Learn the country’s money! I mean you don’t have to master it, but at least have a good understanding so you’re able to negotiate in our US dollars and also in their native currency. This also will reduce the likelihood of you getting ripped off or scammed when you’re making purchases.
  • When you park at the airport here in the US, before you leave take a photo of the spot, location, and claim ticket. When you return, your brain will be on vacay mode and you won’t remember… and you’ll never find that darn ticket! (Speaking from experience).

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